Premium membership is good for bloggers. Who wants to make their blogs visual. They can use visual images in between the paragraphs. The same images share on various social media platforms.
Ultra membership is good for active bloggers. Who want to make their blogs visually. Ultra members can use the same visual images for multi-purpose. They can add slides show in between, visual images in between the paragraphs and use as infographics.
Super ultra membership is good for full-time bloggers. If you have lots of blogs and in-depth content then this is a good option for you. Who want to make their blogs visually. Super Ultra members can use the same visual images for multi-purpose. They can add slides show in between, visual images in between the paragraphs and use as infographics. They have more infographics, more slides, and more visual images download options.
Change the size of visual images can be done by a similar layout and few pixel height and width. If the visual image in a rectangular shape then it can increase or decrease the size in a rectangular shape.


A data point is a single piece of information either textual or numerical.
Once you have ordered of custom infographic design you are its legal outright copyright owner, and I do not have any claims to it whatsoever. You are able to trademark the infographic design.


We are passionate about helping your brand succeed and have the experience to make it happens. We have worked as an in-house designer for big companies, and as a freelancer. The combined learning from these gives us the ability to provide unique insights and a streamlined process.
You can send all your queries to support@visualposting.com

Custom designs

Define workflow 1. Define a brief and the basis for success. 2. You will provide us the information to be transformed in infographics. 3. Time for creativity! 4. We will prepare the draft infographics. 5. We will modify based on your feedback. 6. We will finalize the layout and prepare the files for the delivery. Rework process It's modification of the work that was done so far and not a creation of a new design/concept. Concept of design The creativity of a graphic layout: a mix of images, texts, graphic signs, etc. These elements are in harmony with each other, respecting the rules of good graphic design, beautiful to look at and suitable for the project. Project details Design is a two-way process and your input is vital. We will discuss what you want to achieve with this project, and in what direction you would like the work to take. We will use this information to develop ideas and design. Do you want to add any photo If you have the photos you wish to include in the design, please provide them. They need to be high-quality enough which we can check for you. If you do not have your photos available, we can always choose and use them. Font suggestions You can use the font that you like, however, we must check the license of the font and make sure that the general project works properly. Discuss layout first We can make your custom infographic or any custom design for online or offline. Rectangular, square, particular shapes with horizontal or vertical orientation. Let us know before starting. To start custom design Before starting you will have to provide all the necessary information to start with the work: format, size, texts, images (if they are available), logo, brand book, general information, etc. Don't have a logo? We can design a logo.
A mental image that is similar to a visual perception. A precept that arises from the eyes; an image in the visual system. A visual image in the hand of a designer is merely a tool to trigger a mental image.